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Thursday, 1 December 2011


VALs frameworks
VALs Segmentation is a concept that refers to a marketing and consulting tool that enables businesses to develop and execute more effective marketing strategies. It does this through segmenting feature and current consumer market place on the basis of general consumer behaviour
VALS reflects a real-world pattern that explains the relationship between personality traits and consumer behaviour. VALS not only distinguishes differences in motivation, it also captures the psychological and material constraints on consumer behaviour. VALS asserts that people express their personalities through their behaviours. People with different personalities engage in different behaviours or exhibit similar behaviours for different reasons. Consumers buy products and services and seek experiences that fulfil their characteristic preferences and satisfaction to their lives. An individual's primary motivation determines what in particular about the self or the world is the meaningful core that governs his or her activities.  According to the VALs framework, consumers are inspired by one of three primary motivations: ideals, achievement, and self-expression.

1.      Consumers who are primarily motivated by ideals.
Individuals motivated by ideals are grounded in knowledge and principle. For some people, this motivation is manifest in intellectual curiosity a quiet philosophical searching for others it expresses in an adherence to a personal or social code of conduct, such as abstract, idealized criteria such as quality, integrity and tradition.

2.      Consumers who are primarily motivated by achievement.
People who are motivated by achievement strive for a clear social position. They seek explicit responsibilities and approval from a valued social group. Their focus is often on collective activities such as those at work and with family, and on positive evaluation and reward. They base their choices on the expected reactions, concerns, and desires of people in the group to which they belong or aspire to belong.

3.      Consumers who are primarily motivated by self-expression.
Individual motivated by self-expression value action for their impact on the physical world or the pleasure and excitement associated with them. A vital, emotional attachment to experience is typical of this primary motivation, as is resistance to social controls that threaten experimentation and self reliance. These action oriented consumers make choices that emphasize individuality and personal challenge[1].

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