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Friday, 2 December 2011

Case Studies Related to Indian IPR Protection

Intellectual property protection in India

Bangalore Aug10, 2003. Banashankari police arrested three software engineers for illegally copying software from a company they were working for. The accused enginners, who were working with the Ishoni Networks India Private Limited, had started a new company called Ample Wave Communication Network in Koramangala. They had illegally copied code of the company’s software and were using at their company, police said. Ishoni Director Antonio Mario Alvares had lodged the complaint with Banashankari police. Police have seized four computers, four CPUs, four keyboards, one server and one laptop from the accused. (Source: DH News Service, Bangalore)

New Delhi Aug28, 2002. Central Bureau of Investigation officials in New Delhi nabbed Shekhar Verma, a former employee of Mumbai-based Geometric Software Solutions Company and a computer engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. It turned out that Verma was accused of stealing $60 million worth of source code of a software product of Geometric Software's US-based client, SolidWorks, and trying to sell them to other companies for a fortune. The American firm has the exclusive rights over the software. (Source
Results of Nasscom Initiatives

Calcutta, 7 April 2000: The Enforcement Branch, Calcutta police with the assistance from Nasscom and BSA, seized pirated software worth of Rs. 2.61 crore (US$ 6,08,000) from companies while conducting raids in the city. 4 persons, including owners, partners and senior level employees of the companies, were arrested for this offence. The police recovered around 636 CDs, and 2 computers loaded with pirated software.

Hyderabad, March 2000: Hyderabad Police, with assistance from Nasscom and BSA, seized pirated software worth of Rs. 75,16,400 (US$ 174,800) from 7 companies at a conducted raid. 13 people, including senior level employees of the companies, were arrested in this regard. The Police recovered around 293 CDs, 5 hard disks and 7 computers loaded with pirated software. The estimated value of the pirated software was worth Rs.77 lakh.

Chennai, February 2000: Pirated software worth Rs.1.11 crore (US$ 253,200) was seized by the Chennai police at a raid conducted at the premises of four outlets. A total of 6 employees were arrested which included the Managing Director of one outlet and proprietors of each of the outlets.

New Delhi, 1st December 2000: Nasscom and BSA launched a new anti-piracy initiative - The Reward Programme to make India's business community take note of the dangers of software piracy. The reward offered, an amount up to Rs. 50,000 is for information leading to successful legal action against companies using unlicensed software. The reward program was aimed to encourage people to support the fight against piracy and to report software piracy to the NASSCOM-BSA Anti-Piracy Software Hotline on 1600 334455 to help Nasscom and the BSA remedy the illegal activity.

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